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    Tree Staking Kits

    Tree Staking Kits for Large and Small Trees. For trees with a diameter less than 2 1/2″ use our Small Tree Staking Kit. For trees with a diameter larger than 2 1/2″ use our Large Tree Staking Kit. Both kits include stakes, protective sleeves, and rope.

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  • Chainlock Reusable Locking Tie

    Chainlock Reusable Locking Tie

    Made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic, Master Mark Chainlock Reusable Locking Tie is great for tree support. Unique chain link design locks securely for reliable anchoring. 1/2” chainlock is designed for trees less than 2” in diameter. 1” chainlock is designed for 2” or larger trees.

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  • Tree Wrap Spiral Tree Protector

    Tree Wrap – Spiral Tree Protector

    Protect your trees from weather, animals, and mowing with Master Mark Tree Wrap Spiral Tree Protector. It is UV-resistant and the white color reflects heat.

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