Durable, affordable landscape edging

Landscape edging that’s beautiful, economical, AND responsible.

Both landscaping professionals and DIY homeowners rely on Master Mark for a clean, crisp edge to their lawns, gardens, flowerbeds, and walkways. We’ve been the trusted leader in lawn and garden products for more than 50 years, and we have a landscape edging product that’s perfect for your project.

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Flower beds using Master Mark coiled edging

Garden edging products

Separate your lawn and garden with Master Mark garden edging. If it’s hard to tell where your lawn stops and your garden begins, you need garden edging products. Keep soil and mulch in garden beds and out of your lawn with Master Mark.

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Flower bed edging products

Give your blooms a beautiful, durable border with flower bed edging. Just as a picture needs a frame, your flower beds need a clean, attractive edge. Master Mark has dozens of edging solutions, so we’re sure to have edging that’s the perfect match for your beds.

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Paver edging products

Secure pavers, bricks, or stones with paver edging. Paver edging is an essential part of your new walkway, driveway, or patio. Our paver edging provides a clean visual edge as well as the stability and security needed to keep it looking good for years.

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Master Mark is made in America

Made with pride in the USA.

All Master Mark products — from landscape edging to splash block — are durable, affordable, and crafted with pride by American workers. That’s why DIY homeowners and professional landscapers have trusted Master Mark for more than fifty years.

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More Master Mark products for lawns, gardens, and flower beds


Decorative Fencing

Our Decorative Fencing is perfect for outlining flower gardens, driveways, and walking paths.


master mark splash block grey

Splash Block

Guards foundations lawn, or landscaping against damage from rainwater runoff.


Tree Protectors & Supports

Protect your saplings and young trees from weather and animals!



Save time and money with Master Mark palletized edging!

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