Make a simple and attractive raised garden bed using Master Mark Raised Garden Bed Corners with composite deck boards, or other boards of your choice. Our raised garden bed corners work best with boards 11/16”–1” thick and 5” wide. 

  1. Start by measuring and marking out the location of your raised garden beds. We recommend using stakes and string to help you plan where your beds will be installed. 
  2. If you install your beds over grass, we suggest using an edger and following your string lines to create nice straight cuts in the ground where your raised garden beds will be placed. You can also use a straight-edge spade if you don’t have an edger. 
  3. If your soil is very hard and compacted, you may need to till the soil. 
  4. At timestamp 8:13 of our video, we unbox the Master Mark Raised Garden Bed Corners. Each Corner holds up to four 5” wide boards and you can stack the Corners to raise the height of your garden. In this example, we double stacked the Corners to make 10” deep gardens. Each box of Master Mark Raised Garden Bed Corners includes four stackable Corners.
  5. At timestamp 9:25, we measure and cut our Armadillo composite deck boards and begin assembling our raised bed frames. We found it easiest to start with the short ends of the raised bed and then add the 12’ long boards. The deck boards slide into the Corner but you may need a rubber mallet to secure them in place.
  6. Depending on the length of  your garden bed, you may want to pound in some stakes just to help make sure your boards don’t move or shift over time. 
  7. Fill your bed with good quality compost and soil and get planting!