1. To begin, prepare the area by removing anything that could get in the way of your curb edging, such as twigs and rocks. 
  2. Arrange the curb edging along your landscape bed. Master Mark Quick Curb landscape edging can be placed over dirt or grass. 
  3. Anchor the blocks by driving the sod pins into the holes on the side and back of the blocks. You may need to use a soft rubber mallet if your soil is too dense. 
  4. You may install a curve in your curb edging by positioning the edging block to allow for the curve to take shape. 
  5. Continue applying the curve as needed to complete the shape of your landscape bed. Removing the end pieces from the end cap is easy. Simply squeeze the inside teeth of the end cap and push forward. 
  6. You can add an end piece to an end cap by pushing the teeth into the slot in the end cap. 
  7. Add an end cap to your curb edging the same way that you installed and secured the full curb edging pieces. 
    You can create a neat curb-like edge around your landscape beds in just minutes with Master Mark Quick Curb landscape edging. Installing Master Mark Quick Curb landscape edging is as simple and straightforward. Here’s how: