Raised Garden Bed

Raised Bed.3.jpg
Product Size
10" x 4.875" x 4.875"
Product Code
UPC Code
0-11047 99504-4


The Raised Garden Bed Starter Kit includes four stackable corner mounts. These corner mounts hold a 5” high board. Add more Raised Bed Starter Kits to increase the height of the garden.  You can also select the size of your garden depending on the length of the boards you select. Simply insert side boards, with a thickness between  11/16” – 1”, into the corner mounts.  Raised Garden beds give you more control over the location of your garden, and allows you to choose the best soil for your particular plants. Raised Beds provides more efficient drainage, and give you a longer growing season because the soil warms up faster so you can plant earlier. Depending on the height you choose, they are easier on backs and knees due to less bending and stooping. Raised beds also provide a strong defense against keeping out ground-dwelling pests.